Inishkea Ferry

The Inishkea Ferry – Belmullet Boat Charters

Lavelle Boat Group | Est. 2004

The Inishkea Ferry is run by Belmullet Boat Charters, a family run business who are direct descendants of the Lavelle family from Inishkea North. The Inishkea Ferry operates daily from Blacksod Pier to Inishkea North & South between the months of May and October. Belmullet Boat Charters also offer coastline tours, sea angling, sunset cruises diving and a range of marine services.

Ferry Details:

How long is the ferry to Inishkea?

It takes 35 minutes to get to from Blacksod Pier to Inishkea. The Inishkea Ferry sails daily to Inishkea from May to October.

What’s included in your trip?

  • 35 minute crossing to Inishkea from Blacksod Pier.
  • 3 hrs on Inishkea.
  • 45 minute guided tour of the Inishkea Islands.
  • Walking map with sites information provided.
  • Special children’s treasure hunt.

Videos of the Inishkea Islands

Inishkea Ferry Gallery